Nye's World of Digital Photography

Please find below sample pictures in the order of galleries and albums in the Photoarchive and a brief introduction as to why they are in my collection:

1. Flowers Gallery.  If you do not like flowers, just skip this gallery, if you do - you are in for a treat. Once upon a time, when I beleived that I was a photographer, I had a a talk with some kind of educational book on Botanics to take pictures of the flowers. It did not work out, but here is the result - over 350 flowers in four albums from my flower collection, that is about 5000 pictures.

Garden Flowers

 Wild Flowers

 Irises & Tulips





 2. Nature Gallery. I love walking. I can walk miles and miles in no particular direction or with no particular reason. It is great "me" time and usualy I come back with some "original" (OK, call it crazy) ideas on diferent subjects and lots of photographs.

  Parks and Gardens      Wild Nature       On the beach                              

3. Animals Gallery.  I just love animals. Large and quiet, small and fast. This gallery has 4 diferent albums. I find taking pictures of animals challenging, but very rewarding.  

       Birds       Dogs        Cats Farm&Wild Animals

4. Small Creatures. The majority of this colletcion are Macro. When I  started taking pictures of flowers, I found out than most flowers have some kind of bugs on them. So I started looking for bugs.  And then one day it was a school project on snails .....

     Bugs & Co         Snails Butterflies&Cater..       Spiders

5. Nye's Face Book Gallery. For a long time I planned to show some portraits. At the moment I completed only 2 albums. The 3rd one Rock Stars will follow in October 2008. 

       Portraits      As I walk...        Rock Stars                             

6. Nye's Day Out. The only Nye's Gallery that will apprear in both Atchive and Travel Notes, covering some memorable days out.

       Carnaval        Capoeira  

 7. This & That . I guess one day it will be the biggest section with all new photographs that were not allocated in any of the sections above.

     Fruits & Veg       This & That            Boats                  Cars                         

Travel Notes is a number pictures I toolk since 2006 while traveling. There are over 20 albums in 8 geographicaly devided galleries. Have a look!